• Johnny: February 2nd. I jerked off into oblivion last night and today I forgot to shower… again. Oh well. It doesn't matter, because I’m just gonna meet up with Will, and Tunny, and the usual suspects, again, for another afternoon of shit talkin’…
  • Will: And cigarettes…
  • Tunny: And blah fucking blahhh.
  • Johnny: Ain’t it neat? God said that he would skin me alive.
  • Will: Or was that your step dad?
  • Johnny: Braaaad.
  • Tunny: That motherfucker.
  • Will: ...Literally.
  • Tunny: I think he forgot to shower today also.
  • Will: And I think I’m beginning to notice a pattern here.
  • Tunny: Ha, you think?
  • Johnny: Oh shit, is this my life?

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  • Posted: 02 February 2013